Petros Michalopoulos
A Fault in the Art
ISBN 978-88-31285-12-4
280 pages, Euro 20,00

Our choices create our life, but so do our mistakes.

The protagonist, a young resident doctor, dreams of a future filled with love and growth.
However, mistakes committed while dealing with key moments of his life will turn his existence upside down in a flash.
A shocking ending will change everything again.

A doctor tells the story of a younger colleague, chronicling a mistake that the protagonist of the novel will pay dearly for.
His mistake is a sort of a “fault in the art of life”.

Dario, a man of 32, has a promising career ahead of him. He loves his job, which he carries out with passion, while studying the way his colleagues work as well. A sensitive man, he also lives his life at its fullest – seeing his friends, visiting his family, being present in the life of his house.
One day Dario meets a girl and falls in love with her, who loves him back. His existence changes, things happen in a flash: Dario is filled with doubts and fears but he continues to go on, to desire, to love. A new beginning dawn on his life.
But then a “fault in the art” occurs, and everything around him begins to deform: joy turns into pain, certainties into anguish, and he is dragged towards an abyss of sore helplessness. There is only one way out.

In the author’s words:
“Everything is often played out in an instant, be it in one’s personal life or one’s career. Mistakes are made, unwillingly, and in an instant, you can be cast into a vortex of pain and helplessness, sensing that you have lost control over your own existence”.

A Fault in the Art is a compelling story that proceeds in a straight line, allowing the reader to see their reflection in the characters that are portrayed. The ending, shocking and gruesome, shows the author’s ability to startle and upset not only the life of his protagonist, but also the emotions of the readers.


Petros Michalopoulos (1971), born from a Ticinese mother and a Greek father, studied medicine at the University of Bern. He practised for five years in various departments and hospitals as a resident doctor and, for a period, as an emergency doctor for the ambulance service.
He specialises in dermatology and venereology.
A Fault in the Art is his first novel.

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