Fabiano Alborghetti
Krause’s Corpuscles

“Fabiano Alborghetti’s eye tends to dwell on the abuses that history inflicts on the lives of each and everyone. “

“An unprecedented soundscape, a meeting of music and words”

Krause’s Corpuscles is a completely different collection from anything Fabiano Alborghetti has ever published as a volume. The usually flowery nature of his novels in verse and extensive poetic narration leaves room for a more concise work: the author, however, does not steer from his deep-rooted civic conscience, and he is never found guilty of sentimentalism or rhetorical narcissism. Alborghetti has turned the concept of the dream (after doing just as much with social reality) into an existential nostalgia of sorts; a creative dimension whose flames consume reality.

And in these Corpuscles, reality shows its many facets: sliding lands, pandemics, the many conflicts that plague human history – a history often so little human, and so immensely pitiless. Time itself hastens us to move forwards, and the voice of journalism comes from a pit that is deeper and deeper. A glimmer of hope, a question mark, comes forth to defeat the rambling chaos of reality, to try and mend its shreds. Corpuscles: the perception of thermal and sensory inputs. An instant, a breath. Could it be a track?


From The Plimsoll Line


So many new words have been learnt
complicated words
clustered beyond the door, lying in ambush.
And ambush has its own gaze:
it threatens, usurps, above all it persists
not knowing silence.
The din of data, the ups and downs, thresholds
the Excel spreadsheets, exact data
sensations, suspensions
bodies named as the count progresses.
Where is the count at?


No, we won’t be just bodies riddled with absence
but a range of miracles.
Feel how long the world endures inside you.
And tell me:
where shall we begin?


Fabiano Alborghetti is an award-winning poet, editor, and cultural promoter, and author of five books of poetry which have been translated into over ten languages. He has collaborated with many European publishing houses, promoting translation projects of Swiss and Italian poets, and translating from other idioms into Italian. Artistic director and president of the Literature House based in Lugano, he is currently a member of the scientific board of the Chiassoletteraria Festival, and Editor in-Chief of the Poetry Series for the Swiss-based publishing house Gabriele Capelli Editore. His newest work is the poetry collection Corpuscoli di Krause (GCE Gabriele Capelli Editore, 2022). He officially represents Ticino, Switzerland and the Italian language in festivals across the world. He writes in Italian and lives in Ticino, Switzerland.

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