Flavio Stroppini
Pellegrino di cemento
Le Voyage d’Orient a 100 anni da Le Corbusier
15×21 cm, 144 pp
ISBN 978-88-87469-90-5

Flavio Stroppini
The concrete pilgrim
Le Voyage d’Orient a century after Le Corbusier
A story told on the road.

Le Corbusier left Berlin in 1911 and set out on a voyage that would last the whole year. He visited Germany, Bohemia, Austria, the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Istanbul and Athens, going as far as Mount Athos. Then he set course back to Italy and, finally, Switzerland. He called his experience a “Voyage d’Orient”. What about today? What about following Le Corbusier’s footsteps, now that a century has gone by?

Flavio Stroppini was born in Gnosca in 1979. He obtained a degree in Narrative techniques at the Holden School of Turin and he writes for several literary magazines and journals.
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