Dada Montarolo
Nessun messaggio nuovo
ISBN 978-88-97308-37-9
128 pages, € 15.00

Dada Montarolo
No new messages

Alex, a 40-year old architect, is terminally ill. His new state leads him to reassess three long-unsettled issues: a trivial affair cost him his love, and he never actually confronted his woman about their mutual unhappiness; his best friend and partner thinks he conned him, and won’t talk to him anymore; and his father, with whom Alex has always had a troubled relationship, has become a complete stranger. Resolved to set things right – and to keep his disease a secret – Alex starts writing e-mails to his estranged loved ones. Although none of them replies to his first, short messages, Alex’s resolution to clean up the messes in his life remains strong and steady. Their wall of silence won’t stop him. What began as a vexing, one-way pursuit gradually becomes a way to delve into his own past, as he explores a lifetime of misunderstandings. Alex will ultimately bring himself to face the truth, finding the courage he needs to fight what has always been his one true enemy: fear itself.

Dada Montarolo
Born in Casale Monferrato, Italy, she has now lived in Switzerland for years.
After graduating in Law, she worked as a press agent for C.O.N.I. and then as a member of the editorial staff for several trade magazines. She has also been editor-in-chief.
Montarolo has travelled across the USA, Australia, New Zealand and several Eastern countries, working as a foreign correspondent for Italian daily newspapers.
Upon coming back to Europe, she quit journalism in order to pursue a career in literature. She also works as a consultant copywriter for several PR offices, digital marketing agencies and creative agencies.

She has published the following books:
Le battaglie di Giulio Cesare (“The battles of Julius Caesar”), a historical novel; Alter, a novel; GOLFavolando – Storie vere di un circolo immaginario (“Golf and tales – true stories from an imaginary club”), a novel; Mixing – Dodici storie dentro un bicchiere (“Mixing – Twelve stories in the space of a glass”), a collection of short stories.
Montarolo is also a playwright. She has penned the comedies Il Moglio (“The He-Wife”) and Il Maliardo (“The Allurer”), as well as a stage adaptation of her own novel Nessun messaggio nuovo (“No new messages”), and La valigia (“The suitcase”), a work halfway between a play and a song.
She has also written the script for a movie based on her GOLFavolando book series, produced by director Massimiliano Virgilii.

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