Chiara Pelossi Angelucci
Un’improbabile cacciatrice d’indizi
Lettere misteriose
15×21 cm, 248 pp,
ISBN 978-88-97308-66-9

Chiara Pelossi Angelucci
The clueless clue-finder
Letters of mystery

The heroine of Chiara Pelossi Angelucci’s latest work – a novel just as amusing as the previous – is named Ilde. Like her literary predecessors, she is a funny, young woman of about thirty. Her story starts when she inherits a small detective agency – an unexpected change in her life, that leaves her quite puzzled: she is completely clueless as to how to run an agency (detective movies always make everything look so easy!), and she finds herself loaded with many burdens while presented with very little gratification. As she carries out the investigations, Ilde will grow up as a professional and as a woman.
Forced as she is to face new circumstances and do things she has never done before, Ilde will need to get out of her comfort zone – her own little, safe world made of daydreams and fancies. Having to go to new places and meet new people, she will learn how to deal with the unpredictable, ultimately getting to become more self-confident. The author’s style, delightfully ironic, will amuse the readers as they flip through the pages to a surprising ending.

After working for a consulting firm and going through a life-changing experience, Chiara Pelossi Angelucci decided to pursue a career as a writer. She wrote a very succesful two-novel series by the title of “Di pancia di cuore… da ridere”. The author published two further volumes with the publishing house Sperling & Kupfer.
This writer of many talents is also a lover of natural cooking: she keeps a food blog, gives cooking classes, shares her recipes and takes part to radio broadcasts from time to time.
“The clueless clue-finder” is her fifth work, and a very enjoyable one to boot.

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