browns coverBooks exhibited in: “Somewhere Totally Else” – the best of European contemporary design.
Design Museum, London, 27 sep. 2003 to 4 jan. 2004

Browns. A walk through books…
With Texts by Peter Kirby

15×21 cm
64 pp.
46 colour illustrations 14 b/w illustrations
ISBN 88-87469-07-5

CHF 35.-

London based design consultancy Browns are five years old. In that time they have achieved an award winning global reputation based on their ability to bridge the gap between the cultural and corporate arenas, manifesting itself as a successful design business. “A walk through books” is the fourth in the GCE Directions Series that takes a look at famous design groups around the globe. Browns follows designers Graphic Thought Facility (No 3) , Philippe Apeloig (No 2) and Jannuzzi Smith (No 1) in the Direction Series. In an amazingly short space of time and on top of their expanding brand/identity work, Browns have designed and published some thirteen award winning books. The books have not only been influential from a design point of view but have also forced the design world to re-think how the barriers separating publishing and design can be broken down. From New York Sex Club to a frozen Scottish Loch, “A walk through books” takes a look at how six of these books came to be. In a visual scrap book format, the book tells the story of the personalities, adventures, travels and process surrounding each book, visually all laid bare on the printed page. It gives an insight into the level of commitment, drive and passion required for designers to successfully enter the publishing arena.

brown interno

brown interno 2

brown interno 3


European Design Biennial
27 September 2003 to 4 January 2004

The Design Museum is celebrating the best of European contemporary design in Somewhere Totally Else – European Design Biennial, the first of a series of exhibitions featuring the most exciting and innovative design projects to have been produced in Europe in the past two years.

Exploring every area of design – from the ‘office of the future’ that the French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have dreamt up for Vitra, and the Trent 80 engine developed by Rolls-Royce’s design engineers for the new A380 double-decker jumbo jet which promises to revolutionise air travel, to the hottest couture collection and a 27p stamp – the Biennial will be a must-see exhibition running from 27 September 2003 to 4 January 2004.

The Design Museum’s first Biennial comes at a time of unprecedented public interest in design when, thanks to advances in technology, we can choose to change the way we lead our lives: by living and working in the same place, for example, or working while we travel. The same new technologies are enabling today’s designers to work more creatively than ever before. The theme of Somewhere Totally Else – originally the title of an essay by the design theorist Reyner Banham – is to show how inspiring and innovative design can transform our daily lives for the better.

As well as offering Design Museum visitors a whistle-stop tour of the most exciting innovations in European design, the Biennial will encourage them to question their perceptions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ design. Some exhibits will be chosen because they look great, others for practicality, their positive impact on the environment or ingenious use of technology. While featuring work by famous designers, Somewhere Totally Else will also introduce Europe’s rising design stars and unearth anonymously designed products, which, like everything else in the exhibition, will exemplify excellence in design. Visitors will be able to voice their opinions by voting on what they consider to be the best – and worst – examples of different aspects of design in the Biennial.


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