Fabio Caminada
Il ponte della luna
15×21 cm, 248 pp
ISBN 978-88-87469-72-1

Fabio Caminada
The moon bridge

Seemingly unconscious Gianmarco starts reliving all of his memories.
As a child, he was adopted by an overprotective woman who wouldn’t tell him about his past and origins. His adoptive father would basically ignore him. Anxious to spice up his drudging life, Gianmarco finds sanctuary in unrestrained behaviours.
While in an institution, he becomes acquainted with Anselmo, the old, grumpy gardener, who takes him under his wing and “hires” him as his assistant. Anselmo becomes a father-like figure for Gianmarco, giving his life a cause for the first time. He even persuades Gianmarco to break out of the hospital and set out on a journey to the world ends. The bonds and experiences he makes during this journey will prove to be way more beneficial than meds and therapy ever were.
Gianmarco’s voyage is a rebirth; it is a second chance. With a strength he wasn’t even aware of, he seizes this precious chance and starts cherishing every single day of his new life, even the hard ones.

Fabio Caminada was born in Mendrisio in 1965. A former economics student, he was driven back to traditional literature by an overdose of passionless technical readings. He felt the urge to start writing to learn something about himself and to get a break from his frantic life.

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