Edi Minguzzi, Camillo Carlo Minguzzi
Il codice della follia
15×21 cm, 288 pp
ISBN 978-88-97308-12-6

Edi Minguzzi, C. C. Minguzzi
The insanity code

Achilles, Althea, Hermes, Pan, Theseus – these people all come from Greek mythology, and they all have something in common: a series of heinous murders.
Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. A serial killer spreads terror amidst the locals: he kills and dissects his victims and then throws them in the lake after bagging them along with some rose stems.
The police suspect the residents of an expensive sanatorium headed by psychiatrist Herbert Kampitsch.
On the tail of the murderer there are also Jorg Kampitsch, the clinician’s rich, libertine cousin; Karin, a femme fatale; and Erik, a brilliant student of classical philology.
Just when their investigations seem to have reached deadlock, something happens: a secret code is found that thrusts the investigators into a coil of madness, face-to-face with a ghastly truth.
Greek mythology and methodical psychoanalysis stand at the core of this hair-raising, breath-taking and exquisitely side-splitting thriller.

Edi Minguzzi teaches Ancient Greek and linguistics at the University of Milan. She has written several books (some of which have been translated into Spanish and French) about symbolism and exegetics in Dante’s work, as well as essays on linguistics and mythology. She is also a translator and has worked for several prominent publishing houses, translating books about the history of religion, symbolism and philology from French, English and Spanish.

Camillo Carlo Minguzzi is a fond traveller as well as a lover of art and archaeology. He is also an enthusiastic reader and has a soft spot for elaborate plots and detective novels.

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