Alessia J.
Fallimento terapeutico
Una storia vera
17×24 cm, 816 pp
ISBN 978-88-97308-13-3

Alessia J.
Therapeutic failure
A true story

From Micaela Castiglioni’s (1) Preface:
Going through the pages of this book wasn’t easy. It’s the story of a painfully slow pilgrimage through hospitals, through way too many intensive-care and rehab wards. And yet it was worth asking my soul to make such an effort – and it will be worth it for you, too, if you want to be the witnesses of yet another therapeutic failure; another breakdown in healthcare provision.
For almost two years, Gustavo, accompanied by his wife Alessia, has to go through every sort of invasive procedures and sloppy, unnecessary surgery. Doctors heedlessly prescribe Gustavo a huge amount of drugs and inflict their unprofessionalism and carelessness upon him, damaging his health.
The clinicians see Alessia and Gustavo as some sort of annoying intrusion into their good old medical routine – into the unquestioned omniscience of doctors who enjoy unlimited – though blind and careless – power. But at some point Alessia decides to go on a mission: she sorts out her journals and notes and makes a proper book out of them – the day-by-day chronicle of the couple’s appalling trial.

(1). Researcher and teacher of General Pedagogy II and Continuing Education & Adult Education at the University of Milan-Bicocca (“R. Mazza” Department of Educational Human Sciences).

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